“creature freedom as utopia – ark” is an opera-dance performance in which the actors deal with the theme of diversity and the environment in the form of a danced ark. Here, the performerx with and without handicaps question the binary division of gender. The mixed-abled ensemble shows how human existences can form a community. The Ark is set against the backdrop of the climate emergency and deals with the imminent catastrophe that goes hand in hand with it. Thus, the freedom of the (individual) creature is also under pressure from the climate emergency. The song of the yellow ens (M(ens)ch/human) tries to wake up the audience from the sleep that makes them unable to act.
The performance series “creature freedom as utopia”, which was shown for the first time in 2022 at “Hosek Contemporary” in Berlin, is paralleled by the paintings “creature freedom”. In these, the social dynamic is represented as a creatural one that is in constant turmoil and crisis.

Creature freedom as utopia – ark; opera-dance-performance; 2023; shown in Labor,Ebertplatz Cologne, Malkasten Kunstverein dusseldorf, Bauturmtheater cologne

Performance: Leisa Prowd, Mechthild Kreuser, Lisa Hellmich, Filu Sampe, Salome von Berlin, christi knak tschaikowskaja.
Concept, direction, set and costume design: christi knak tschaikowskaja
Libretto: evdokia michailidou and Christopher Pieck
Composition: Katja Suglobina
Opera vocals: Suzanne Thorp and Salome von Berlin
Music: Unfeed Format: Katja Suglobina, Dimitrij Berezin, Dimitry Remezov, Zoi Argyriou
Choreographic support: Caroline Asal
Production: Yonca Sicimoglu
Editing: Tilmann Heinrich Gelberg
Sound engineering: Vladimir Lisakowski and Seongmin Yuk
Photo: Yonca Sicimoglu and Daniel Claus Herrmann
Film: Nils Ramme, Pariya Bakhshi, Luka Krautz

Funded by the Fonds Darstellende Kuenste and the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne